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A jewelry concierge service

I handle the details ... so you don't have to. 


In any new industry and especially the diamond industry, you dont know what you don't know. We all become experts in our field with time, experience and knowledge of the finest details. When it comes to selecting a diamond ring, there is much more to know than the typical 4 C's you see on every website out there if you're looking for something truly spectacular.


My clients have found that with my help they avoided the risks of overspending on retail, buying a poor quality diamond, and having an unattractive setting that is not secure or not well made. Every time she gazes at the ring you bought her, she will know how much you love her and those endorphins go a long way over the next 50 years. ;)  


Did You Know?

Many don't realize that just because you see something in a luxury jewelry retailer, doesn't mean that is the only way to get it. I act as a virtual brick & mortar for luxury jewelry and I can procure the pieces you see in stores at much lower prices than anywhere else. Why? Because my overhead costs are minimal. Remember, when you walk into a store - if there is staff and security, you are paying for it! (Not to mention the advertising dollars that brought you in there, and insurance and..and..and get my point) :) You can view a sampling of my curated Sparkly Steals here.


How does it work?

My services, like a Realtor, are free to my clients. I help you find the perfect diamond by calling my network around the US and overseas to pull the best pieces within your budget. You view them and select a piece and if it isn't already designed, I help you finalize her ring design to perfection. Once the ring is complete, I am paid a commission from whichever wholesaler you decide purchase from. 


My services are for you if:

You are looking for the best quality diamond ring at an incredible value. So if that's you, let's get started!


My services are not for you if:

You are looking for the cheapest ring on the market and shopping for diamonds online. Everyone has a different search criteria in mind and I have found that my services are not useful to clients with this goal in mind. Diamonds sold online are lower in quality and overall make than diamonds sold direct. In this instance you do get what you pay for.

Regardless, I wish you the very best in love and life and congrats on finding the one! :)




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With an eye for luxury settings and true aesthetic beauty, Michelle delivers Rodeo Drive quality without the markup.

"Michelle is kind of a mind reader. Seriously.
After consulting with her briefly, she was able to pin point exactly what I wanted and refer my husband to an incredible jeweler who got us a beautiful diamond and a wonderful price. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Cheryl & Ryan D., Studio City, CA.
"Michelle connected me to a jeweler who handcrafted a classic sapphire engagement ring that my fiancé loves."
~ Tim G., Manhattan Beach, CA.
"Michelle is the epitome of class. Knowledgeable, respectful, and savvy."
~ Samuel R., Pasadena, CA
"My wife and I recently renewed our vows and a friend of ours referred us to Miss Diamond Ring. Michelle's versality with diamond distributors was impressive - and the rings look absolutely top notch. She is the reason we have two new rings that we love."
~ Mark & Deanna, Marina Del Rey, CA
"With Michelle's help, Rick and I were able to find a diamond we love at a price that was in our budget. We even had money left over to put toward our wedding bands which we just purchased."
~ Natalie, Los Angeles, CA
"I was going to buy namebrand and ended up getting a ring twice the size and higher color grade with Michelle. Really happy with my experience"
~ Noah, Brentwood, CA
"Soup to nuts absolutely easy and painless; ended up with a far better ring and result than I would have gotten anywhere else.  My fiancé is over the moon!"
~ Brandon R., Woodland Hills, CA
"I have to say that as an executive, I am pretty demanding and exacting in all I do.  Proposing with a best-in-class ring was a must, and Michelle over-delivered with the kind of top tier service I give my own clients"
~ Jonathan G., Beverly Hills, CA
"Nailed it and Laila literally fell to the ground when she saw the rock!"
~ Lewis S., W. Hollywood, CA
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