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Why in the World Would you Need a Diamond Concierge?

Of course you can find your own ring. That’s what (most) everyone does.

But here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t and why you will be three steps ahead (and 1 carat bigger) than your peers with a personalized Diamond Concierge.


Diamonds in a store will be marked up considerably more because …

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An Engagement Ring for her and a New Car for You

She gets a diamond ring, you get a new car.


That sounds fair right guys? If you’re investing in this very significant purchase for your future wife, maybe you should get something equally valuable like a new car…


Ok we all know that’s not going to happen. But here’s my point in …

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Why More Men are Opting for a Jewelry Concierge

Getting engaged soon?

Maybe an anniversary coming up…a birthday…or an old fashioned “just because” sparkly surprise that will make her beam for years?


Well, gents, you have a few options. Actually, you have thousands and thousands – and thousands – of options when it comes to jewelry. So many options, in fact, …

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Yellow Diamonds, for your Beautiful Sunshine

Thinking about a yellow diamond ring?

Yellow Diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a fabulous choice if your fiancee loves yellow, if she has olive toned skin, and/or if you want something unique, beautiful and BIGGER for your budget. With a yellow you definitely get more bling for your buck.

Basics About Yellow Diamonds:

Yellow diamonds represent joy, enthusiasm and optimism in …

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Bench Made: More Than a Custom Engagement Ring

Unique or Just Like Everyone Else?
Do you want your engagement ring to look like it came off a conveyer belt or do you want it to look like a finely finished piece of jewelry? If you look closely, you can tell the difference. Read on.

Two Inseparable Parts
I tend to view the …

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Should You Pay Retail for Her Rock?

Having worked in retail for the biggest brands in the jewelry industry, I understand the appeal of owning a piece of luxury. Let’s be honest; it feels really good to waltz into a high end store and throw down your credit card while they offer you champagne and tell you …

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