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Why More Men are Opting for a Jewelry Concierge

Getting engaged soon? Maybe an anniversary coming up…a birthday…or an old fashioned “just because” sparkly surprise that will make her beam for years (let’s hope).


Well, gents, you have a few options. Actually, um, you have thousands and thousands – and thousands – of options when it comes to jewelry. So …

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Yellow Diamonds, for your Beautiful Sunshine

Thinking about a yellow diamond ring?

Yellow Diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds, are a fabulous choice if your fiancee loves yellow, if she has olive toned skin, and/or if you want something unique, beautiful and BIGGER for your budget. With a yellow you definitely get more bling for your buck.

Basics About Yellow Diamonds:

Yellow diamonds represent joy, enthusiasm and optimism in …

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Bench Made: More Than a Custom Engagement Ring

Unique or Just Like Everyone Else?
Do you want your engagement ring to look like it came off a conveyer belt or do you want it to look like a finely finished piece of jewelry? If you look closely, you can tell the difference. Read on.

Two Inseparable Parts
I tend to view the …

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Should You Pay Retail for Her Rock?

Having worked in retail for the biggest brands in the jewelry industry, I understand the appeal of owning a piece of luxury. Let’s be honest; it feels really good to waltz into a high end store and throw down your credit card while they offer you champagne and tell you …

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